From Collegue to „Customer King“

Bad working atmosphere, conflicts, quarrels up to the point of mobbing behaviour – social scientists have discovered that the majority of the problems in companies are ‘homemade’. It’s time for a change of mind! In your company establish the idea of the ‘internal customer’. Every person within an organisation has customers and everyone is dependent on others to succeed each day.

Who is a customer? A customer is someone who is dependent on my service in order to save time, solve a problem or satisfy needs. According to this definition, there are not only external customers. Colleagues, for whom I do preparation or completion work, can be customers. The boss can be seen as an internal customer, too, because he depends on the services of his employees. On the other hand, he can call his employees internal customers because they require his support and instruction.

  • How do internal customers pay? Some pay with money (the employer). Others pay with good collaboration, respect, acceptance, kindness – factors which create a working day that is much more pleasant, motivating and productive. Seeing your colleague as a ‘customer king’ and treating him or her like one, will not only achieve more but also create better relationships and more contentment.
  • Establish the Idea of an Internal Customer in your Company
  • • Establish a service culture. Talk to your employees about the fact that everyone is dependent on each other. Moreover, it’s in everyone’s own hands to form relations with colleagues.
  • • Be a good example. Show your colleagues due appreciation. Treat them in the way you want your employees to treat external customers and each other.
  • • Consider managers and employees in other departments as internal customers.
  • The BEITRAINING® programme Customer Focused Service© (CFS) deals with the issue of internal and external customer relations. It shows ways to handle even the most difficult customer situations and how good customer service has an impact on job-related and personal success.

BEITRAINING® is an international franchise organisation which offers people skills training in the areas of Management, Sales, Service and Personal Growth.

BEITRAINING® is building long-term relationships with its customers in order to enhance their results long-term.

The target groups of BEITRAINING® are small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs, franchise systems and distributor networks.

BEITRAINING® believes that the quality of the people determines the quantity of the results, the quality of the customer service and the success of the business.

  • Evgeniya Belonoschenko, Founder BABY-CLUB, Moscow, about Professional Franchise Selling, Russian original with English and German translation


  • Knyshev O.V., PoEvrope, Moskau, über BBB (Grundlagen der Mitarbeiterführung)


  • Rainer Dierks, Scan Diesel, Bremen, about QSR, SSS, CFS, BBB, PPS, POP (Quick Start Retail; Socratic Selling Skills; Customer Focused Service; Business Bulilding Basics; Professional Presentation Skills; Priorities Organisation Planning)


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